Our legal team is dedicated to providing quality legal services in a supportive environment. We recognize the stress and anxiety legal issues can place upon our clients, and we are dedicated to working with each client to meet his or her needs and work together towards a resolution with as little stress and anxiety as possible. We value our clients and treat each case with the same attention, dedication, and care as we believe all our clients deserve.
Our legal team represents a variety of clients, including individuals facing family law issues, criminal matters, personal injury, or those faced with the unfortunate task of dealing with legal issues arising from the death of a loved one.
We strive to be a full service legal team and develop relationships with our clients in order for our clients to feel comfortable coming to our firm for all of their legal needs. We are a general practice law firm, and work with our clients in family law, juvenile law, real estate, wills and estate planning, criminal law, civil litigation, and criminal law, including OWIs.

We look forward to meeting with you and working with you to address your legal needs.